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7 Office Lockers that Increase Organisation in the Workplace

An unorganised workplace often hinders productivity at all levels. For instance, everyday clutter like files, personal belongings, devices and other essential items could bring down staff morale and productivity if left lying around. In such cases, office lockers bring about better organisation and a sense of security for staff.

What kind of lockers can offices install?

POD Lockers ???


When you are looking to store smaller personal belongings like gadgets and wallets, you may need a storage space that just about fits your needs. POD lockers are perfect for such requirements. These are primarily used to organise workplaces that encounter a table-space crunch and are commonly installed in stacked cubicles with individual compartments. These office lockers free up the working area by helping to store smaller objects.

Tech Lockers

Looking for a space to store mobile devices?

With the advent of communication technology, mobiles and laptops are prominent amongst employees. However, when your staff isn’t using their devices and need a secure place to keep them, tech lockers help. These come with optional features, such as charging ports and digital locks. 

Garment Lockers

How to keep clothes in the best possible condition?

In certain commercial spaces, such as hotels, restaurants and hospitals, wearing a uniform is mandatory. Here, the employer needs to provide a dedicated space for employees to store their garments. Vertical garment lockers are resistant to corrosion and can store garments easily without getting them crumpled. Hang them with hangers on a rail or use hooks. In addition, these lockers are ventilated, eliminating the build-up of any odour. 

Use these lockers to store safety gear in fire stations or military bases. They could even include smaller compartments for helmets, shoes and other accessories. 

Speciality Lockers

As the name suggests, these office lockers are designed and utilised for a specific purpose. For instance, a speciality locker mounted to a wall at a lower height with no kicker-base to be intended for specially-abled people in the office who cannot reach higher compartments. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) lockers are also a part of this range. Another instance could be a locker used explicitly for storing one type of item such as cables or brand merchandise.

Weather Resistant Lockers

There may be vital office documents and items that are at risk of damage by weather change. These need to be stored in a controlled environment. Weather-proof office lockers provide moisture and humidity control by optimal air circulation and protection from dust and dirt particles. These can store essential items like office files, stationery and much more. 

Mobile Shelves

At times, offices may require a handy way to keep and access files at all times. Files lying around the office clutter the space and may discourage productivity. Lockers can also be mobile, allowing more open floor space in smaller working areas. Mobile frames also make it easier to find documents as and when needed within the vicinity of desks. 

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Personalise and customise your locker with a variety of accessories:
  • Padlocks
  • Combination Locks
  • Coin Locks
  • Name Plates
  • Sloping Tops
  • Kicker Base
  • Shelves
  • Clothes Rail
  • Clothes Hook
  • USB Charging*
*Feature limited to the F SERIES lockers