Pre Assembled Lockers made of Heavy-Duty Recyclable Plastic

Traditional metal, wood and laminate lockers are not as durable as one might believe and don’t offer a 15 year warranty. Instead, select a more modern customisable, attractive, durable and recyclable alternative. FSP CoolLockers provide heavy-duty polyethylene Plastic lockers for your schools, workplaces, gyms, sports clubs or food factories. Enquire at or call 0808 101 3479.

Extra Security for Personnel Equipment in Your Premises with Strong and Maintenance Free Plastic Lockers

Whatever your organisation type, having a safe place to store your staff/employees belongings is important. Secure lockers not only act as a crime deterrent but also makes your establishment more organised. Also, industries need storage spaces where they can securely store their equipment, tools, safety gear and more.

This need is what has prompted the adoption of security lockers in the lion’s share of premises throughout the UK. Yet, while metal, wood and laminate lockers were used, the more informed commercially aware market has shifted to heavy-duty polyethylene lockers.

FSP CoolLockers is an experienced manufacturer of such high-quality, ergonomic and modular plastic lockers. These are corrosion, UV, and salt air resistant and cleaning solvent can easily remove graffiti and stickers. Furthermore, they are eco-friendly and customisable in a variety of sizes, colours, lock types and arrive fully assembled. Enquire at or call 0808 101 3479 to get a locker that meets your requirements. We are always pleased to give free advice and advise on sizes and configuration using our many years experience to avoid choosing the wrong lockers.