Different Types of School Lockers Ideal For Your Premises

Right from storing things in a secure space to making the premises clutter-free, a school locker no longer remains just a piece of the storage unit, it evolves to much more. Every educational institution has different needs and requirements; lockers are customised to accommodate these demands. With such unique storage prerequisites, there are multitudes of design possibilities when it comes to customisable lockers. Customisation includes variations in size, shape, colours, layout and a lot more.

Here are some of the school locker options that are classified and categorised based on specific storage needs:

F Series Lockers

Small School Lockers

Cube lockers are an ideal addition for pre-primary and primary sections of a school. Allotting a locker to primary school kids can cultivate self-discipline and understanding about being organised from a very young age. Also, these lockers hold their books and stationery in an assigned locker, thus ensuring safety and ease of movement around the school.

Gym Lockers

One cannot deny the significance of physical well-being, and that’s why most schools have gym class as a part of their extracurricular activities. To ensure students don’t have to carry their heavy sports gear everywhere, they need gym lockers. These well-ventilated and easy to clean lockers are perfect for storing gym clothes and sports equipment once the games are over. High-density plastic lockers are waterproof and impervious to moisture. This curtails the growth of mould and bacteria and promotes hygienic conditions.

Laptop/Mobile Lockers

We have effectively integrated technology into our daily lives, still with a long way to go considering daily advances. Laptops and mobile phones have become a common sight in educational institutes. However, these devices have been a significant distraction and affect student productivity. Thus, many schools have banned the use of mobile entirely and some within the classroom premises. For classroom prohibitions, installing laptop or mobile lockers on the premises will offer a safe place to store these devices and offer peace of mind to students/teachers.

Lockers For Special Purpose

Specialist lockers are another crucial storage solution that are useful on school premises. These lockers can come in handy to keep several essentials like first aid kits, keys, parcels, mails, wallets or other small items in a safe and proper place. Moreover, these lockers can be tailor-made to accommodate your requirements.

Staff Room Lockers

A cluttered and disorganised staff room can hurt the overall productivity and work efficiency of the teaching faculty. Staff Room lockers provide a safe place for the teachers to keep their valuables like electronic devices, wallets, money and other belongings. Moreover, these lockers help in maintaining the tidiness of the staff room.

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Different Types of School Lockers Ideal For Your Premises
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