Durable Plastic Lockers in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle is a major commercial hub in the North East of England, with the service sector and retail industry playing a prominent role.

Such a diverse mix of industries require customised and secure storage lockers to keep the staff’s belongings and office essentials safe and organised. 

However, with a myriad of options in the market, it is challenging to find the right locker that fits your checklist. If you are struggling to find the most appropriate storage locker, contact Cool LockersⓇ

Explore a Wide Range of Heavy Duty Plastic Lockers in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Cool LockersⓇ is a reputed manufacturer and distributor of Australian-made plastic lockers in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Using advanced engineering capabilities, we manufacture the highest quality products and deliver unmatched solutions. With our two decades of experience, we understand how each industry has different storage needs. Considering this, we offer a wide range of custom-made locker options tailored to fit unique storage requirements. 

Heavy-duty School Lockers in Newcastle Upon Tyne 

Are you looking for primary school lockers in Newcastle upon Tyne? We have got a wide range of high quality plastic lockers designed to accommodate the unique storage needs of primary and secondary schools. These corrosion resistant, UV stable and superior quality lockers for schools are suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Our Comprehensive Range of Lockers are Suitable for the Following Organisations: 

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Defence Industry
  • Mining Industry 
  • Gyms
  • Sports Clubs
  • Fitness Centres
  • Hospitality Industry 
  • Healthcare Industry 

Our wide range of lightweight, durable and practical lockers are suitable for commercial spaces such as schools, colleges, gyms, offices, warehouses. 

Lightweight and Corrosion Resistant Plastic Lockers in Newcastle Upon Tyne 

The one-piece rotationally moulded polyethylene construction gives our lockers remarkable durability and resistance against any impact or corrosive chemicals.

In addition, these plastic storage lockers are resistant to the corrosive impact of water, air or humidity. Our versatile lockers offer additional storage capacity as they come with internal stainless steel shelf frames. 

If you want to upgrade the locker room, contact experts from Cool LockersⓇ.

Want to know more about our products? Drop us an email at sales@coollockers.co.uk, and our experts will get back to you. Call us on 0128 523 8954 for more information.