Phone Lockers for Schools


Small phone lockers are an excellent storage solution for valuables in any workplace or school. Our lockers are customisable to fit smaller spaces, and are unobtrusive and can be hidden away in any room or under your office desks without being noticed.

They make a fantastic storage option for employees in workplaces with limited space, as every locker from FSP Cool Locker comes with modular capabilities as standard, allowing you to stack side by side.

With a single hinge door, they have a locker loop to thread your choice of lock to secure each compartment.

Cell Phone Storage

If you’re looking for small lockers, you’ve come to the right place. At FSP Cool Locker, our small lockers are designed to offer the utmost security, made with the highest quality materials. With more than 20 years of experience under our belt, we pride ourselves on the premium quality and personal service we provide to our customers around United Kingdom. From smaller, more compact lockers to larger industrial lockers, we do everything we can to customise our products to better suit your needs — so get browsing now!


We recommend our combination padlocks.

They come in a 3 digit or 4 digit version. They also have a master key.

Schools Ban phones in Classrooms

Across United Kingdom classrooms in schools are beginning to lock away phones  during class hours. 

Phone Locker Kits

We are offering a solution for schools in a kit form. You receive all you need to store student phone safely away for the day. We have 3 solutions available.

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A quality FSP Cool Locker locker (A or C series) and our phone cubby holder which can store up to 96 phone is ideal for you classroom or main office.  To registrar your interest about our mobile phone storage boxes click button below. 

Phone Locker Cell Phone Locker
Bank of Phone Lockers
3 Digit Combo Lock
Comes with a master Key
4 Digit Combo Lock
Comes with a master Key

Types of Padlocks

Phone on Charger ready for Locker


Phone Locker


This locker is ideal for locking away precious personal items, such as mobile phones, wallets and jewellery. With phone bans in schools, this mobile phone locker is ideal for locking away students phones.

Made from polyethylene, they are designed to last. FSP Cool Lockers® the leader for locker solutions for schools, especially for mobiles phone in schools.

Some of the features:

  • Wall mountable
  • Recharge option available
  • Water-resistant
  • Padlock loop
Hinges Width Depth Height
4 180mm 240mm 600mm

Slight size variation may occur due to manufacturing process. Email our locker experts for more information.

Installation Gallery

Our Range of Plastic Lockers

A Series Lockers UK
A Series – School & Workplace Lockers

Wide enough to store a backpack or motorbike helmet, perfect for senior schools, workplaces or industrial sites

B Series Lockers Popular man-673px
B SERIES - Sports & Gym Lockers

The same width as the A Series locker but the added depth (our deepest locker) accommodates coat hooks and rails (optional accessories). 

C Series Lockers and woman 673
C SERIES - Wide School Lockers

Our widest locker option is perfect for storing bigger items such as sporting equipment or musical instruments.

D Series Lockers and woman
D SERIES - Compact Staff Lockers

Ideal when site space is at a premium. Can store backpacks and other smaller personal items. Primary Schools favourite locker.

E Series Lockers and man

Our smallest locker footprint, designed for projects where space maximisation if critical. Storage for personal items, bags,small laptops and tablets.

Cell Locker Wall With Hand
F SERIES - Phone & Personal Lockers

This locker is ideal for locking away precious personal items, such as mobile phones, wallets and jewellery. With phone bans in schools, safely lock away students phones

Pigeon Hole LOCKER
Outdoor Pigeon Hole Series

Heavy-duty temporary storage for outside/outside a classroom, workplaces or offices. Keep the classroom space free of tripping hazards like bags and books.

OL1800sOL1800 Locker with man and ball 770px
1800 Series – Work Storage Lockers

Designed for mining and industry this locker features ventilation and drainage allowing you to hose it out regularly without damaging the product.

Industrial Wardrobe Lockers

Made from polyethylene to prevent corrosion, this 2 door locker provides airflow without sacrificing security and is perfect for storing items such as damp towels, gym gear or work clothes.

ToolLocker - work Locker - 500px
Workshop Tool Lockers

More secure than a garden shed and bigger than any of our other series, these lockers are ideal for storing items in a garage and offer a custom interior layout.

Vented Lockers UK
Industrial Vented Lockers

Made from polyethylene to prevent corrosion, this single width door locker provides airflow without loss of security. Ideal for storing items such as wet towels,  work uniform or gym cloths