Phone Storage Lockers for Classrooms

Poor discipline in classrooms and lowered academic performance is being linked with mobile phone use in UK classrooms. The UK Education Secretary has been firm about their decision of issuing a mobile ban in schools, especially in classrooms. 

While headteachers and teaching unions oppose a complete ban, a classroom ban may be on the cards.

FSP Cool Locker’s Solutions For The Phone Ban

Our new black phone cubby is popular worldwide for its simplicity and effectiveness in maximising available storage space. These cubbies can hold 6 phones and fit perfectly into our A, B and C series plastic lockers. If our plastic phone cubby is purchased with any of our plastic lockers, we offer a 50% discount on the cubby.

Our F Series lockers are specially designed to hold mobile phones and can be made available in various colours. The design holds a single mobile phone in its compartment and is locked with our padlock through the locker loop.


Phone Lock Box

Our solution to secure student phones is our 6 phone cubby module. Students can keep their phones in these cubbies securely inside our lockers, and this cubby can be conveniently carried and stored into any of our lockers by teachers until after school hours. We discontinued the previously available larger 24 phone cubbies due to weight and the problems carrying 24 expensive phones at once. Also our new 6 slot phone cubby allows teachers to place them in different area in a classroom thus avoiding a bottleneck congestion as student collect their phones. 

The new 6 phone lock box cubby is 75% lighter than the previous 24 phone cubby. The smaller size makes it easier for teachers to organise and carry out the cubbies to the lockers and back to the students.

Dimensions of the 6 phone cubby are 100m W x 170mm D x 60 mm H.


Getting The Focus Back On Learning

By controlling mobile phone usage in the classrooms, teachers can get their student’s undivided attention back to learning activities. Our phone cubby allows teachers to collect the phones and store them in our “phone lock box” solution in any other series locker model from our catalogue. 

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Standard Phone Storage Solution

Bank of phone lockers
Bank of phone lockers