Plastic Storage Locker
A Versatile and Low Maintenance Storage Solution

Are you planning to upgrade your locker rooms and bring in elements of style & functionality? Replace the loud, rusted and dented metal lockers with sturdy and attractive plastic lockers.

The old and outdated sharp edged and dented lockers which adorned the corridors of organisations over years are now getting replaced. Today, most organisations opt for new-age and heavy duty polyethylene lockers that offer contemporary, convenient and sustainable storage solutions.

One-Stop Destination For All Your Storage Problems

A trusted and reputed brand, Cool Lockers is a leading manufacturer and distributes an array of long-lasting plastic lockers. Serving different industries and delivering innovative solutions for over 20 years, we deliver superior quality storage lockers.

Metal lockers have always been a prominent choice for an organization – be it schools, offices, gyms and even fitness clubs. Despite their prevalence, metals lockers are not considered as a feasible solution.

Locker A Series - 8 Hinge

Metals are vulnerable to elements like humidity, air and temperature fluctuations. This eventually adds up to the daily wear and tear. Not to mention, these lockers are susceptible to rust when exposed to moisture. Compared to purchasing heavy-duty plastic lockers for your premises, you will get full value for your investment.

Built from high density polyethylene plastic, these lockers have endurance to withstand collisions, dents, abrasions and humid conditions. Therefore, there’s no need to repaint them every year or spend a huge amount on their maintenance. Our durable locker solutions come with a 15-years warranty and possess extreme endurance to multiple blows without cracking or denting.

Take a Step Towards Saving the Planet with Our Sustainable Solutions

With climate concerns and depleting natural resources, businesses are increasingly adopting sustainable solutions. Our range of lockers are made from HDPE and contributes towards achieving the goals of sustainability.

As recyclable products, these lockers play an instrumental role in reducing landfill.
Wood and Metal lockers become damaged faster and often end up in your local rubbish dump due to them looking unpresentable in 5 year. Metal lockers have been infamous for being too noisy with all their slamming and banging sounds. Contrary to this, plastic lockers by Cool Lockers, are known to reduce the hallway noises with softer operating sound levels.

Rather than heading for a landfill once its years are up, these lockers can be remanufactured back into the original product or into other plastic products.

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Wide enough to store a backpack or motorbike helmet, our lockers are perfect for schools or any workplace.  

Our most popular FSP Cool Locker® is an excellent innovation. A long-lasting superior alternative to old fashioned metal, wooden lockers or laminated lockers. Designed to last – made from polyethylene (HDPE) and the Lockers come with a 15-year warranty. 

Some of the Features:

  • UV Stable
  • Lightweight & Stackable
  • Quieter (no banging doors)
  • Easy to Clean
  • Soft corners and edges


* Contact our locker experts here for availability of this size.

Slight size variation may occur due to manufacturing process. Email our locker experts for more information.


Phone Locker


This locker is ideal for locking away precious personal items, such as mobile phones, wallets and jewellery.​​ With phone bans in schools, this mobile phone locker is ideal for locking away students phones.

Made from polyethylene, they are designed to last.​ FSP Cool Lockers® the leader for locker solutions for schools, especially for mobiles phone in schools.

Some of the features:

  • ​Wall mountable
  • Recharge option available
  • Water-resistant
  • Padlock loop

Slight size variation may occur due to manufacturing process. Email our locker experts for more information.

Workstorage Locker

OL1800 Locker


Designed for mining and industry this 1800 series locker features ventilation and drainage allowing you to hose it out regularly without damaging the product.

FSP Cool Lockers® are a great innovative and long-lasting alternative to the traditional metal and wooden work lockers.

Made from polyethylene, they are designed to last and are ideal for a workplace that requires a tall locker for storage of coats, uniform or cleaning equipment.

One of the unique feature of 1800 series locker is the drainage system in the base making it a simple proceed to wash them out.

It is a favourite for the food industry and factory where staff need a personal storage space.The hanging rail and fixed shelf come with the locker great for drying out a towel or other clothing.

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Slight size variation may occur due to manufacturing process. Email our locker experts for more information.