Staff Lockers

Lock away solution for phones and staff valuable during the day.

School Lockers

Custom made lockers with a range of 25 colours to suit your school.

Work Lockers

Secure your employees belongings safely whilst tidying up the work space.

What our Customers say About our Lockers.

"The Vibrant Colours have brightened our Corridors."

  • There are no sharp corners for anyone to bump into.
  • For children with a visual impairment, there is a very clear contrast between the floor and the bright yellow side of the lockers.
  • The pupils love the bright, school colours on the lockers and are finding it very easy to see which locker is theirs as they are different colours.

Kate Green

Business Manager

Meadowside School
Birkenhead, Wirral 

United Kingdom
meadowside school
School Lockers UK

Covid-19 and PPE Ready

Our Lockers can be used for PPE equipment and are Covid-19 ready for disinfection and  sanitiser procedures––as they can be washed down regularly and won’t rust. “Easy to clean with any sanitiser/disinfectant” – no corrosion issues.

Safe and secure locker loop system ensures extra security for PPE equipment.

HOSE Locker

Our biggest selling Plastic Locker


Wide enough to store a backpack or motorbike helmet, our lockers are perfect for schools or any workplace.  

Our most popular FSP Cool Locker® is an excellent innovation. A long-lasting superior alternative to old fashioned metal, wooden lockers or laminated lockers. Designed to last – made from polyethylene (HDPE) and the Lockers come with a 15-year warranty. 

Some of the Features:

  • UV Stable
  • Lightweight & Stackable
  • Quieter (no banging doors)
  • Easy to Clean
  • Soft corners and edges
Hinges Width Depth Height
1 380mm 450mm 250mm
2 380mm 450mm 465mm
3 380mm 450mm 670mm
4 380mm 450mm 880mm
5* 380mm 450mm 1090mm
6 380mm 450mm 1300mm
7* 380mm 450mm 1510mm
8 380mm 450mm 1720mm
9 380mm 450mm 1930mm
* Contact our locker experts here for availability of this size.

Slight size variation may occur due to manufacturing process. Email our locker experts for more information.

Videos of Our Locker Products

Popular Locker Series


Plastic Locker

Wide enough to store a backpack or motorbike helmet, perfect for schools , workplaces or industrial sites.


Plastic Locker

Our widest locker option is perfect for storing bigger items such as sporting equipment or musical instruments.


Plastic Locker

Ideal when site space is at a premium. Can store backpacks and other smaller personal items.


Phone Locker

Our F Series Locker is ideal for locking away personal items, like mobile phones, wallets and jewellery.

Cool Lockers - Features and Benefits


Proven strength and durability. One Piece constructed body. Withstands heavy knocks or impact.

Safe & Secure

Safe storage of personal items assured, simply add a padlock.

Recyclable Materials

Eco friendly lockers can be recycled to create other FSP Cool Lockers plastic products.

Custom Colours

Wide range of colours available to personalise your lockers.

Simple Setup

Light weight, fully assembled and easy to set up.


Freely stack and sort your lockers to suit your needs.

staff room locker

Work  Lockers

Tidy up staff rooms

Multi Coloured Doors

25 coloured doors to choose from.

Smooth Corners

Safe corners, no more injures common with metal lockers


Salt and solvents are no more a concern.

Industrial Lockers UK

Brighten up your School

Colour Choices

With 25 colours to choose from our lockers can be customised to fit your business or school.

Built to Last

Purchase lockers that will last for years.

Minimal Maintenance

Make summer maintenance of lockers a simple task.

100% Recyclable

Our plastic locker process enables the lockers to be recycled into other FSP Cool Locker plastic products.

Installation Gallery

Customers reviews

"We have been more than impressed with the lockers from Cool Lockers®. They are strong, tough and hardwearing, but also look great. The bright colours have fit perfectly with the school themes. We have them outside each classroom on the playground under the eaves of the roof and haven't had any issues."
Fulbridge Academy-
Ben Erksine
The Fulbridge Academy
We love our new lockers from FSP Cool Lockers. The are robust, and colourful, but most importantly Eco Friendly which helps our green credentials too.
Dundee Rep
Jaci Stewart
Facilities Manager
They are very easy to assemble and fit, with each has its own number to allow for easy identification. The locker layout provides a large degree of flexibility with numerous locations for an easy to install or move shelf and the top plate means that items can no longer be left hidden up high out of sight. We are very pleased with the whole product and glad that they come with such a long guarantee.
Home L,ockers
Homefield Preparatory school
Mobile Phone Lockers

Mobile Phone  Lockers

Ideal Solution

Phone Lockers are a wonderful storage product for storing valuables in a workplace or school.

SAlt air & sun

Resistant to salt air and UV sun damage.

Phone Ban

Lock away phones during class or work hours.

Custom Made Cool Lockers for Sale

Multiple door configurations, custom colours and a variety of accessories, Cool Lockers give you a lot of options. Find out which product is right for you. Visit Locker Builder to build your own.

Rotationally moulded from polyethylene, FSP Cool Lockers® lockers are known for their strength and durability.

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The FSP Cool Lockers® system is based on a simple modular system that allows you incredible flexibility. Choose different body base sizes / footprints.

Choose different sized doors and different door colours in the same
locker bank or within a single locker body.



    Personalise and customise your locker with a variety of accessories:
    • Padlocks
    • Combination Locks
    • Coin Locks
    • Name Plates
    • Sloping Tops
    • Kicker Base
    • Shelves
    • Clothes Rail
    • Clothes Hook
    • USB Charging*
    *Feature limited to the F SERIES lockers