THe modern, and heavy-duty high density polyethylene lockers

Choosing Lockers has just become more complicated

Are your lockers suitable for today’s needs ?

Should you choose metal or plastic ?

Does Bio-coat protect against Covid 19 ?

Are you having  to replace your existing lockers ?

Can lockers go outside ?

The facts below may help you decide the best way forward
 for your school , office or factory.

Our Lockers are A durable, functional and stylish storage option to keep your property safe.

In the past schools, offices and gyms used metal or timber lockers for storage purposes. However, with changing times these old-fashioned lockers are getting replaced. The modern, and heavy-duty high density polyethylene lockers are the right choice.

Cool Lockers – An Excellent Metal Locker Alternative

FSP Cool Lockers is one of the major manufacturers and distributors of high-quality polyethylene lockers. We specialise in producing customised lockers solutions for schools, offices, gyms and the food industry. Our heavy-duty lockers are highly durable and last longer. Their design is such that it can endure external forces like bumps and blows without breaking or cracking.

Also, the premium quality polyethylene makes the locker rust and corrosion-proof. Our lockers are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. These UV stable storage units are available in more than 25 anti-fade colours, which gives your facility a stylish appearance.

The metal lockers have been notorious for being noisy. However, with Cool Lockers you can make the corridors or locker rooms quieter as banging doors produce 50 to 70% less noise.

Moreover, metal lockers are heavy and are difficult to move and a nightmare to assemble. Cool Lockers are light in weight and are easy to move and arrive fully assembled.

Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean Storage Units

Lockers, especially in the schools, are vulnerable to graffiti. Students show their “creative side” by adding graffiti or stickers on the lockers. Cleaning these can give the janitors a hard time—but with a plastic locker it’s a simple clean up—no re-painting required.

The polyethylene surface makes it easy to remove the graffiti. Thus the maintenance costs come down considerably.

Based on a simple modular system, our custom-made lockers offer incredible flexibility. Choose from a wide range of colour palate, body footprints and door configurations to build a locker that aligns with your needs.

If you are looking for plastic lockers in the UK, feel free to give us a call today on 0808 101 3479 or send us an email at

Our Range of Plastic Lockers

A Series Lockers UK
A Series – School & Workplace Lockers

Wide enough to store a backpack or motorbike helmet, perfect for senior schools, workplaces or industrial sites

B Series Lockers Popular man-673px
B SERIES - Sports & Gym Lockers

The same width as the A Series locker but the added depth (our deepest locker) accommodates coat hooks and rails (optional accessories). 

C Series Lockers and woman 673
C SERIES - Wide School Lockers

Our widest locker option is perfect for storing bigger items such as sporting equipment or musical instruments.

D Series Lockers and woman
D SERIES - Compact Staff Lockers

Ideal when site space is at a premium. Can store backpacks and other smaller personal items. Primary Schools favourite locker.

E Series Lockers and man

Our smallest locker footprint, designed for projects where space maximisation if critical. Storage for personal items, bags,small laptops and tablets.

Cell Locker Wall With Hand
F SERIES - Phone & Personal Lockers

This locker is ideal for locking away precious personal items, such as mobile phones, wallets and jewellery. With phone bans in schools, safely lock away students phones

Pigeon Hole LOCKER
Outdoor Pigeon Hole Series

Heavy-duty temporary storage for outside/outside a classroom, workplaces or offices. Keep the classroom space free of tripping hazards like bags and books.

OL1800sOL1800 Locker with man and ball 770px
1800 Series – Work Storage Lockers

Designed for mining and industry this locker features ventilation and drainage allowing you to hose it out regularly without damaging the product.

Industrial Wardrobe Lockers

Made from polyethylene to prevent corrosion, this 2 door locker provides airflow without sacrificing security and is perfect for storing items such as damp towels, gym gear or work clothes.

ToolLocker - work Locker - 500px
Workshop Tool Lockers

More secure than a garden shed and bigger than any of our other series, these lockers are ideal for storing items in a garage and offer a custom interior layout.

Vented Lockers UK
Industrial Vented Lockers

Made from polyethylene to prevent corrosion, this single width door locker provides airflow without loss of security. Ideal for storing items such as wet towels,  work uniform or gym cloths