Year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most difficult years of the century. The COVID-19 pandemic that brought the world to a screeching halt also highlighted the need to keep PPE kits/gear in safe and clean storage units. Any contamination to these kits can pose a threat to the health of the personnel working with the COVID patients.

Even before COVID-19, PPE gears had been around for a long time and widely used in industries like health, manufacturing, mining, construction, and fire safety. This equipment plays a key role in protecting personnel from any potential risk of infections or physical injuries while they are performing their duties.

PPE gears are so pivotal for safety management it’s essential to keep them stored in a safe, sanitised and clean storage unit. A majority of industries are therefore increasingly seeking durable, versatile, customisable and easy-to-clean lockers to ensure their PPE is kept in the right place.

Why Choose High Density Polyethylene Plastic PPE Lockers?

When it comes to storing PPE, hygiene and security are the two most important criteria that cannot be overlooked. Unlike the other storage alternatives, high density polyethylene plastic lockers offer unsurpassed durability and are water resistant and won’t rust. The unique locker loop system adds security to the door as well.

These UV stabilised lockers are made using advanced plastic manufacturing techniques and machinery and also come with a 15-year warranty.

Keeping lockers sanitised is one of the pressing problems. But, with plastic PPE lockers the cleaning and sanitising is simple. All you need is soapy water and cloth to wipe the surface to remove any dust, dirt or other dangerous substances. This process over time will NOT cause rust with Cool Lockers, unlike metal lockers.

The Larger Benefits of Using Plastic PPE Lockers

Customisable Solutions Catering to Your Storage Needs

Want a tall locker to keep the heavy or tall equipment? Do you require wider shelves to make sure equipment like helmets and shields are not damaged? Lockers are available in a standard size, however, wider or square custom solutions are in our range. So, if you require a storage unit with wider shelves to keep helmets or a tall locker to keep your overalls in proper condition, you can build your locker the way you want! Depending on the available space, you can choose 1 to 9 hinge height, which can be fit in complicated (under stairway) or smaller spaces. Also, having a distinct locker colour is essential for effortless identification and keeping the PPE gears in the proper place. Cool Locker plastic lockers allow you to pick a colour of your choice, so you can have a distinctive colored lockers to easily identify your PPE lockers.

Keep the PPE in Secure and Vandal Proof Place

PPE gear is specialised equipment and is expensive. Hence lost or damaged gear can cost your organisation a fortune. It’s essential to store PPE in a secure and vandal proof location. Unlike the traditional lockers, plastic storage units are rotationally moulded that means unmatched durability. These ultra durable lockers, therefore, are impervious to saltwater, acids or chemicals and keep the PPE safe from any damage or contamination. Also, the heavy-duty high density polyethylene plastic lockers can’t be jimmied open and hence discourages any attempts of theft.

If you are looking for high density polyethylene plastic PPE lockers, Cool Lockers is the place to go! Feel free to talk to our experts.